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Resistance (Feb 4 - Mar 10, 2024 )

"Big idea" - At LRC, we have six Core Practices that we reference and, at times, look at in greater depth. We believe that these practices, while not exhaustive in the Christian life, work together to help form the follower of Jesus in His likeness. Jesus Himself practiced all these disciplines in His earthly ministry, and as we engage in them more fully, we not only open ourselves up to being transformed by the Holy Spirit, we also make a concerted effort to resist the pull of the world, refusing to be made in its likeness. Over these six weeks, we will look at each of our Core Practices, being challenged how to incorporate them into our everyday life, and identify how they each help us resist the lesser narrative the culture is telling.

Word - Resisting the Lies
Prayer - Resisting Pride and Self Sufficiency
Table - Resisting Exclusion and Individualism 
Generosity - Resisting Greed 
Service - Resisting Power
Sabbath - Resisting Busyness
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