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Prayer Exercises

These transformative exercises are provided for you to interact with the weekly Sunday sermon through reflection and prayer.
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  • On Wednesday, April 29, you are invited to enter into a day of fasting and prayer that will engage you as an individual and alongside others. We don't usually think we have to prepare ourselves for much unless it's an exam, wedding, or some other activity that we need to "do stuff" in order to make it happen. But I encourage you to prepare for this day of prayer so that your soul is opened, your heart and mind softened to the Holy Spirit. Because this day is for you. It is to help you engage intimately with God and gain some of eternal gifts He wants to bless you (us) with in the middle of this challenging time.

    Ideas to prepare yourself

    Throughout today and tomorrow,
    - Pay attention to yourself. Where are you experiencing contraction (tightness), weariness, etc.? Your body can help you with this one.
    - Where is your desire for God? 
    - What scriptures, circumstances, people, nature are being impressed on you? Where are you being lifted in your spirit?
    - Go for a walk and talk to God about your thoughts and feelings.
    - Choose a psalm that expresses a desire for God and read it out loud each day.

    Finally, I attach an old song that you can listen to: On Bended Knee I (we) Come - Yes, Lord, we do.

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