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Current Series

Stories of the Kingdom

Stories of the Kingdom

(July 11 to September 5, 2021)

Stories are a powerful tool that allow us to capture the imagination of people and shape their view and understanding of the world around them. People are drawn into stories and they at can communicate ideas and truths to us n ways that help us make sense of the world. Jesus understood this and used parables to help His listeners re-think and understand what the Kingdom of God (or the reign and rule of God in the world) looks like and how one aligns themselves with it. He did not invent this mode of teaching and in fact often uses stock ideas in His stories to communicate the truth of the Kingdom. Over the course of this summer we will unpack a handful of Jesus’ parables - some of His most well known and some that seem more obscure - and allow Him to invite us into understand the true state of our world and what God is doing in it.

July 11 - Parable of the Sower - Reg Lewicki: Text: Matthew 13:1-23
This sermon will intro the idea of Jesus using parables to communicate the truth of the kingdom (it’s one of the rare times Jesus’ own interpretation is included). In this parable the message of the kingdom is spread far and wide but only takes root in particular soil. On the one hand we need to be on guard that we aren’t allowing the soil of our lives be rocky or thorny. We must not lose sight of the fact that the farmer in the story spreads the seed no matter what, and so we must also be prepared to declare the kingdom in all kinds of places knowing it’s God who brings change and life.

July 18 - Parable of the Talents - Reg Lewicki: Text: Matthew 25:14-30; Luke 19:12-27
God has entrusted His people with the mission of the Gospel and has equipped and called us to participate in particular ways. Every person has a different role to play, a different sphere of influence, but we are all called to participate. Note in the parable that each servant is entrusted with a different amount and yet to those who are faithful, they received the same reward (Come and share in your master’s happiness)

July 25 - Parable of the Workers

August 1 - Parable of the Two Sons

August 8 - Parable of the Hidden Treasure / Great Pearl

August 15 - Parable of the Pharisee and Tax Collector

August 22 - Parable of the Weeds

August 29 - Parable of the Prodigal Son

September 5 - Parable of the Good Samaritan

Past Series

Songs of the Kingdom

May 9 to July 4

The Psalms operate in many ways as the song/prayer book of God’s people. As we read through them we come across many different themes which which intersect with our lives at various times - hope, doubt, fear, confession, praise and a desire for justice just to name a few. It can be incredibly liberating to find that these feelings and themes are present in the Scriptures themselves and more than that, the Psalms are a great gift for helping put words to those feelings and experiences. This series will lead us through acknowledging that these experiences and feelings are a part of our discipleship of Jesus and help us use the Psalms as a way to express them in our lives and back to God.

Learning to Share?

April 11 - May 2nd

One of the earliest things we learn (or should learn) as children is to share. This isn’t just to be kind friends or to keep things in harmony but this actually a reflection of who God is. God is the God of open hands and so when we learn to live life the same way, we reflect His goodness into the world and act as conduits of the kingdom.
Easter Encounters

Easter Encounters

March 28-April 4

At every stage of the Easter story we find Jesus engaging and encountering different people. He isn’t just accomplishing a task - entering Jerusalem, being crucified and raised to life - He is present in the midst of each moment, open to those around Him. This Easter season as we reflect on the glorious story of Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection we will be encouraged to draw near to Him and experience His presence in our lives.