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Current Series

The Wilderness

The Wilderness

September 11 - October 9, 2022

As we find ourselves (seemingly again) emerging into a post-COVID world, we have a lot to look back on and see a story of isolation, confusion and anxiety. Even though things are “back to normal”, the world is a vastly different place than it was pre-pandemic. Mental health issues are rampant, we feel more divided as a people, ongoing economic uncertainly is creating a level of anxiety in families that is taking its toll. The Church has undergone repeated controversy, and so in many ways it feels like these past two plus years and our present situation are a wilderness. The wilderness can be unsettling, but the wilderness is a place God calls His people to in order to be formed. Over this sermon series, we will unpack four stories of God’s people in the wilderness and be reminded that here is the place He meets with us, to call us, to form us, to provide for, and to bring victory over the darkness.

The wilderness is a consistent theme throughout the Scriptures (the Creation story begins with chaos and emptiness) but in the places where God appears to be absent, He is at work, bringing about His good purpose. Moses is one of the greatest Old Testament figures, leading the children of Israel through wilderness to the Promised Land - but before he leads Israel, Moses endures his own wilderness experience. It is here, on the run from his past, that he has ears to hear what God has to say and is called into the purpose He has for him. Likewise, in the wilderness we find ourselves in, God wants to speak to us, calling us into His plan, if we would have ears to listen.

The wilderness experiences we face sometimes come upon us unexpectedly. This can leave us feeling frustrated and grumbling about what was in the midst of what is. Israel had just been rescued decisively by God through the Passover and Exodus but now find themselves in the wilderness. Their response is to grumble against the LORD, longing even for what had come before in Egypt. God shows up in the midst of this, revealing His faithfulness to us even in our grumbling. God is the God who provides for His people and continues to lead and be with us even in the wilderness.

Long before Jacob finds himself alone in the wilderness, his life felt that way. He had a history of deception and poor decisions, burning bridges and alienating himself from his family. Here, on the eve of meeting his brother whom he’d run from (and who had vowed to kill him), Jacob finds himself completely alone. Here, God meets with him, and Jacob finds Himself wrestling with God in the wilderness.  This encounter is formative in Jacob’s life - he exhibits perseverance, and while he is left with a life-long limp, God changes his name and blesses him. God wants to meet us in our wilderness and form us into new people, and so we are invited to wrestle our way through it, showing perseverance until God’s plan and blessing are revealed.

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Past Series

My Favourite Bible Story

July 3 - September 4, 2022

Our summer series will be a collection of favourite Bible stories or verses that have been sent to us from the congregation. A collection of one-off sermons, we will be encouraged and challenged collectively by the narratives and passages that have challenged and encouraged us individually. Although we will bounce around the Scriptures, our hope is that we will be reminded again that the entirety of the Bible remains relevant to us as we commit ourselves to following Jesus in this time and place.

Summer Rhythms

June 19-26, 2022

At LRC, we have a set of Core Practices - rhythms we seek to incorporate into our lives as individual followers of Jesus but also as a community of faith. Many of these practices happen when we gather together on a Sunday - we connect around the Word, we Pray, we have opportunities to be Generous and to Serve as part of our Worship.


Two practices that intersect with our gatherings but are not able to be fully expressed are Sabbath and Table. Worship is part of our Sabbath (for most of us), and we gather at the table of Communion and share with one another, making space for everyone there.


As we move into the season of summer, things typically slow down to some degree and so this series will encourage us to use the summer months and the new rhythms it provides to put into practice these two Core Practices of Sabbath and Table - to experiment with them over these months and to see how God might show up in the midst of it.

Rise Again

Rise Again

April 24 - June 5, 2022

In the Church Calendar, the Sundays between Easter and Pentecost (50 days) are known as Eastertide or Paschal tide and is a season of joy in the Christian tradition. Eastertide is an ongoing celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus and so following Easter we will use this ancient tradition to unpack 1 Corinthians 15 - the apostle Paul’s great text on the hope of the resurrection.


The promise of resurrection is the bedrock of the Christian faith and it is rooted in the historical resurrection of Jesus, the vindication of God’s Messiah, overcoming death and bringing a new kind of life with Him.


The resurrection of Jesus is a real event as far as Paul is concerned, and it underlays the future real event of the resurrection of all God’s people. (NT Wright) This reality is central to our identity as God’s people - we are resurrection people, being brought through death to life as part of God’s new creation.